Salmonella Enteritidis subunit vaccine candidate based on SseB protein co-delivered with simvastatin as adjuvant

07 Apr 2022
Kang X, Huang T, Shen H, Meng C, Jiao X and Pan Z

Salmonella enterica serovar Enteritidis (S. Enteritidis) is an important zoonotic pathogen that can lead to diarrhea and systemic infections in humans and mortality in animals. This is a major public health issue worldwide. Safe and effective vaccines are urgently needed to control and prevent Salmonella infection. Subunit vaccines are safe and provide targeted protection against Salmonella spp. Here, we developed and evaluated an S. Enteritidis subunit vaccine candidate, the rHis-SseB adjuvant with simvastatin. We amplified the SseB gene from S. Enteritidis C50041 genomic DNA and expressed the recombinant proteins rHis-SseB and rGST-SseB using the Escherichia coli system. Western blotting confirmed the immunoreactivity of recombinant proteins rHis-SseB and rGST-SseB with antisera against Salmonella Enteritidis C50041. In a mouse model of intramuscular vaccination, co-immunization with rHis-SseB and simvastatin significantly enhanced both the SseB-specific antibody titer in serum (humoral immune response) and splenic lymphocyte proliferation (cellular immune response). Co-immunization with rHis-SseB and simvastatin provided 60% protection against subsequent challenge with the S. Enteritidis C50041 strain and decreased bacterial colonization in the liver and spleen. These findings provide a basis for the development of an S. Enteritidis subunit vaccine.