Specific T-cell subsets have a role in anti-viral immunity and pathogenesis but not viral dynamics or onwards vector transmission of an important livestock arbovirus.

31 Jan 2024
Newbrook K, Khan N, Fisher A, Chong K, Gubbins S, Davies WC, Sanders C, Busquets MG, Cooke L, Corla A, Ashby M, Flannery J, Batten C, Stokes JE, Sanz-Bernardo B, Carpenter S, Moffat K, Darpel KE
Bluetongue virus (BTV) is an arthropod-borne that is almost solely transmitted by biting midges and causes a globally important haemorrhagic disease, bluetongue (BT), in susceptible ruminants. Infection with BTV is characterised by immunosuppression and substantial lymphopenia at peak viraemia in the host.